Public Speaking with Dan
How can I help you excel?

You've decided that you want to perform at an open mic or perhaps you've been asked to give a presentation at work or you've been asked to give a speech for an organization that you're part of, and of course honored by the invitation, you immediately say "yes, I'll do it".


Then you realize you've never talked in front of an audience so you panic and think to yourself, "oh no, I don't know the first thing about public speaking, what am I going to do?". Well if you're reading this then you're moving in the right direction.

While it can be overwhelming at times, public speaking can be a powerful & useful tool. Whether you're a new stand-up trying to improve your stage presence or an entry level sales pro looking to become a "rock star" sales exec, you've come to the right place. 

With my experience and education as a public speaker I have the tools that can help you excel. Along with my public workshops I can provide corporate training or private mentorship mended to meet your needs without breaking your budget. Workshops enrolling soon. For more information about how I can help you become a better public speaker fill out the form to the left.

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