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Kimberly Koester - Longmont, Colorado

"As a new comic, Dan helped me focus on setting goals which was helpful as far as using my time working on my craft, most efficiently. I had an incredibly positive experience with the personalized one-on-one coaching. Dan was not only knowledgeable and experienced in the comedy industry, but also took the time to understand my unique comedic style and aspirations. The sessions were tailored to my needs, offering insightful feedback and guidance on writing, performance, and networking. Thanks to this coaching, I've gained confidence in my comedic abilities and have made significant strides in advancing in the industry. It was well worth the investment and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about pursuing a career in comedy. I am well aware that it’s up to me to further myself, but having someone like Dan in my corner to explain the ins and outs has kept me motivated to push forward. He was very patient and forthcoming and answering all of the questions I had during our coaching time as well as anything that popped up. The knowledge I received from him, saved me from the frustration of having to figure it all out on my own."

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Coaching & Consulting

Introducing an Array of Personalized Coaching and Consulting Services

Elevate your skills and achieve your aspirations with our tailored one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Whether you're striving to enhance your writing prowess or delve into the intricacies of marketing, Dan is your guide on this transformative journey.

Dan possesses a wealth of expertise in the realm of public speaking, and he exudes an uncontainable passion for it. His background boasts formal training in Improv, acting, writing, public speaking, and marketing, and he remains an active performer in stand-up comedy while hosting two engaging podcasts. Notably, Dan has also facilitated comedy workshops and presided over numerous live events and shows, rendering him the ultimate mentor for honing your stand-up comedy and public speaking finesse. Whether your ambitions encompass refining your writing, refining your stage presence, mastering public speaking, podcasting, or gaining insights into the world of business and marketing, Dan is your steadfast companion on the path to accomplishment.

Our offerings range from personalized one-on-one coaching to comprehensive group coaching for businesses. Dan equips you with invaluable techniques and strategies to cultivate your comedic flair and amplify your public speaking prowess with a touch of humor. From crafting heartfelt wedding vows and impactful speeches to cultivating leadership skills, Dan is dedicated to guiding you toward achieving your objectives.

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Dan Bublitz Jr teaching a workshop about Electronic Press Kits at Sno Jam Comedy Festival
Dan Bublitz Jr at Comedy Works

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