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Zack Lyman: Podcaster, Comedian, Marketer, & Lover of Coffee

One day, about a year ago I saw a post in a podcast Facebook group from a comedian and marketing guru looking to be a guest on other podcasts. I have a comedy podcast called the Art of Bombing, so I clicked on his profile to do a little research before I reached out and discovered that he was from Mitchell, SD which was a neighbor to my hometown of Huron, SD. This of course made me even more interested in having Zack as a guest on my podcast. Little did I know that this interaction would lead to Zack being a guest of my podcast, but also to a long-lasting friendship. As we both aspire to be better comedians and tactful marketers.

Zack Lyman has been performing stand-up comedy for over 12 years. In that time he has been recognized by magazines and shows across the United States. His live shows are full of energy during his storytelling style of Stand Up Comedy. He's also known for his Podcast cleverly named the Zack Lyman Podcast. Which I was lucky enough to be a guest on as well.

In addition to being a stand-up comedian and podcaster, Zack Lyman is also a professional marketing guru at Marketing Beaver. This skillset of his has lead us to many great conversations about marketing tips and trends. I recently graduated with my marketing degree and Zack has proven to be a great mentor, keeping me up to date on the latest trends. Zack told me about YouTube shorts back when it was in a Beta form which lead me to moderate success on my YouTube shorts. Another great lead I got from Zack was the use of Blip Billboards, a digital billboard company that has billboards across the country with reasonable rates.

Another interesting fact about Zack is that he loves coffee. So much so that he does speaking engagements about content marketing at coffee conventions across the county. When he has the opportunity he also performs his stand-up at these conventions. Zack has written several e-books and constantly produces videos and blogs with tips for marketing and stand-up comedy. For more about Zack, visit him on his website.

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